Super D

We’ll again have the 3 divisional format (Old Guys, Young Guys, Women) for all racing categories.

When you register, you will select a comparable age division and category. The division is only for keeping score across all three events for the weekend.  If you are a Cat 2 Male aged 50, you will race in the Old Guys Sport race. Your bib number will be the same for all races.

The race this year will be a time trial at 1 minute intervals. We will line you up according to bib number which will put the, typically, faster riders first. We will post a start list as soon as possible on race day. If you raced last year, we may use that time to move your start position.

The course features the Fire Pit and BUMP trails which includes Blood Rock. It’s fast with many quick turns, berms and rocks.

Should the person in front of you cause you to stop, you will be allowed to restart your Super D run.